EnLIGHTening Collaborative Event w Inst for Optical Science & STEAM Factory!

May 5, 2023

EnLIGHTening Collaborative Event w Inst for Optical Science & STEAM Factory!

Lou DiMauro speaking

What an enLIGHTening experience!

In a room filled with over 40 attendees and over 15 different disciplines represented, The Institute for Optical Science moderated and presented at the STEAM Exchange on April 20th 2023 with a wonderful turn out! The event topic was "Light." There were approximately 18 new attendees who had never been to this collaborative event before!

Jessi Middleton, the event moderator, shared her thoughts on what drew her to choose the topic of Light. "The Institute for Optical Science strives to promote a community of multidisciplinary researchers. The STEAM Exchange shares the same goal of bringing people together from different disciplines for networking and collaboration. Choosing a theme of LIGHT is a wonderful way to bring us all together!" She is both a STEAM Factory Member and the Admin for The Institute for Optical Science.


Presenters on Light, moderated by Jessi Middleton (Institute for Optical Science):

•        Dr. Anna Gawboy - Associate Professor, School of Music, The Ohio State University

•        Dr. Doug Misquitta - Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, The Ohio State University

•        Dr. Louis DiMauro - Director, Institute for Optical Science, The Ohio State University

People talking at STEAM event
Lou DiMauro speaking


What are STEAM Exchanges?

STEAM Exchanges are monthly salon-style seminars centered around broad thematic topics and hosted by the STEAM Factory. Our monthly themed interdisciplinary seminars known as STEAM Exchanges bring multiple disciplines perspectives to bear on a single subject such as Conflict, Progress, or Bias.  Diverse speakers are invited to present on their research and discipline as it relates to the monthly thematic topic. These discussions are intended to highlight current research, bringing multiple disciplinary perspectives to bear on a single issue with the purpose of enhancing scholarly community and sense of belonging, identifying opportunities for cross-collaboration, encourage the sharing of individual expertise, tools and resources and to enhance teaching and facilitate professional development.


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