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Shared Grants


The NSF NeXUS Project

Ohio State was recently awarded $9.5 million in NSF funding to develop the National eXtreme Ultrafast Science (NeXUS) facility. At the heart of this facility is a new technology for high repetition rate, kilowatt-class lasers, and NeXUS will be the first facility to translate this technology in the United States. The combination of attosecond pulses, soft x-ray photon energies, and high repetition rate in a laboratory setting will enable measurements of the fundamental properties of atoms that currently cannot be made anywhere in the world.

In its inital development, The NSF NeXUS Facility was overseen and operated by Ohio State’s Institute for Optical Sciences, a multidisciplinary community of researchers across campus studying and harnessing the fundamental properties of light.  


Mid-Infrared Strong-Field Interaction (MURI MIR)

At the present time we stand at a crossroad for discovery, where the road toward novel MIR technology can again transform SF physics, both our understanding of it and its applications. In fact, as presented in its proposal, increasing the wavelength is a faster, more robust path towards new physics than even increasing the intensity. The MURI MIR team will seize this opportunity with a broad in-depth research program aimed at advancing experiments, theory and technology for MIR SF interaction studies. In addition, our program is consciously constructed to directly connect these studies to Department of Defense (DoD) relevant applications in remote sensing, directed energy, tabletop coherent short wavelength light sources, compact particle accelerators and MIR laser technology. 




The Chemical Physics Program

Lecture Schedule: Frontiers in Chemical Physics Symposium

Historically, the lectures have been given in room 2015 of McPherson Lab.

The public lectures occured at 9:35am on Wednesday and Friday. A lecture for only graduate students is on Thursday.

List of previous speakers for the Frontiers in Chemical Physics Lecture series: PDF