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Director & Deputy Director, Faculty

Deputy Director, Professor, Steering Committee
2110 Newman & Wolfrom
Director, Dr. Edward E. and Sylvia Hagenlocker Chair/Professor Faculty
Physics Research Building, 4178


Professor, Steering Committee
Physics Research Building, 4176
Associate Professor
Professor, Steering Committee
Physics Research Building, 2048
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
ElectroScience Laboratory Complex
Professor, Steering Committee
205 Dreese Lab

Research Scientist & Administrative Staff

Research Scientist
Celeste Laboratory of Chemistry
iOS Office Administrator
Room 4112
Research Scientist, Project Manager
CL 372
Senior Researcher, NSF NeXUS Facility
0109 NW

Affiliated Members

Research Physicist at Air Force Research Laboratory
Air Force Institute of Technology, Professor of Chemical and Engineering Physics
Department of Engineering Physics, AFIT
Air Force Research Laboratory, Research Physicist
Air Force Institute of Technology, Senior Computer Scientist and Adjunct Associate Professor
Denison University, Professor
Doane Administration - 205A
Denison University, Associate Professor, Steering Committee
Air Force Institute of Technology, Research Assistant Professor
University of Dayton, Assistant Professor
Case Western Reserve University, Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics
Denison University, Professor, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy


Giovanna  Freeman
Student Office Assistant