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X-lites Leadership & Partners

Sponsoring Organization: OSU Institute of Optical Science


X-lites Leadership

  • Louis DiMauro, Ohio State University, NeXUS
  • Bill Graves, Arizona State University, CXFEL
  • Gemma Jiang, Colorado State University, IRISS
  • Robert Kaindl, Arizona State University, CXFEL
  • Jessi Middleton, Ohio State University, Institute for Optical Science
  • TJ Ronningen, Ohio State University, NeXUS
  • Louise Willingale, University of Michigan, ZEUS


X-lites Working Group Co-Leads

  • Science:
    • Lou DiMauro, Fernando Martin, and Francesca Calegari
  • Technology:
    • Robert Kaindl and Jon Zeugel
  • Facility Operation and Management:
    • TJ Ronningen
  • User Community:
    • Louise Willingale and MingSheng Wei
  • Early Career:
    • Gemma Jiang and Caterina Vozzi


Lead Institutions

  • NeXUS at Ohio State
  • ZEUS at the University of Michigan
  • cXFEL at Arizona State University
  • IRISS at Colorado State University


Partners of the X-lites Network

  • LLE at the University of Rochester
  • The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI ERIC)
  • BriXS (Italy)
  • Smart*Light (The Netherlands)
  • ATTOCHEM (European Union)
  • The John Adams Institute (UK)


Sponsor: NSF


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